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Define a mixture. 2 or more substances that are combined
Define solution A well-mixed mixture that contains a solvent (biggest portion) and a solute (smallest portion).
What is a solvent and give an example? largest part of a solution.
Example: water in a soft drink
What is a solute and give an example? smallest part of a solution
Example: sugar in a soft drink
Name the universal solvent. water
What is a colloid and give an example? A mixture that contains small, undissolved particles that do not settle out.
Examples: fog, milk, mayonnaise, cool whip
Define suspension and give an example. A mixture that has particles big enough to see.
Example: orange juice with pulp
Why would a car owner put coolant in his car? The coolant is a solute that will lower the freezing point and raise the boiling point of a solvent. The coolant will absorb more of the heat given off by the running engine so it will not overheat. It will keep the car from freezing, too.
Why is water the universal solvent? Most things that can be dissolved can be dissolved by water.
Which part of a solution is present in the largest amount? solvent
Which part of a solution is present in a smaller amount? solute
What's the difference between a suspension and a solution? A suspension will have more settled at the bottom than a solution.
What does a solute do to the boiling point of a solvent? It raises the boiling point.
Dilute solution? a solution with only a little solute in it so that it could hold more
concentrated solution? A mixture that has a lot of solute dissolved in it
Define solubility how much solute can dissolve in a solvent at a given temperature; no more solute can be dissolved at that temperature
What kind of solution holds all the solute it can hold at a certain temperature? saturated solution
What kind of solution would be able to hold some more solute? unsaturated solution
What kind of solution has more solute dissolved in it than you would expect at a given temperature? supersaturated solution
What are 2 ways you can change the concentration of a solution? decrease or remove solvent; decrease or increase solute
What 3 factors affect the solubility of a substance? temperature, type of solvent, and pressure
List 3 characteristic properties of an acid? sour taste, corrosive, reacts with carbonates
What does corrosive mean? it reacts with meatls, and forms H2 gas bubbles
What forms when acids react with carbonates? CO2 bubbles are formed
What is a compound that changes color when in contact with an acid or a base? indicator
Name 3 properties that are characteristic of a base? bitter taste, feels slippery, does not react with metals or carbonates

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