atmospere and fronts

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which 2 gasses make up most the atmosphere nitrogen and oxygen
the layers of the atmosphere are… troposphere, stratosphere,mesosphere, exosphere
__________ air pressure at sea level 14.7
as you increase in altitude you decrease in.. air pressure
air has _____ and takes up __________ weight space
strong wind big differents in air pressure
Barometer mesure air pressure
little wind little differents in air pressure
the 3 clould formactions are lifting frontal convection
winds that blow between 30 and 60 degrees prevailing westerlies
blow between 30 north to 30 south trade winds
anemometer tool that measures wind speed
wind/weather vane measure wind direction
the center of a tornado and hurrican is called the eye
huricansform over what water tropical water
a hurrican swirls counterclockwise
fujita scale a system to measure the strength of a tornados
a violet thunder storm is a _________ supercell
updraft warm,humid air that rises into the clouds
sientest who studys the weather sre known as medierologist
weather forcasters are able to track storm with electronics like sablite
when a cold air mass and a warm air mass meet it creates a _____ front
the national weather service have a system of powerful _____ used to colect weather data and make weather maps radar
fronts,air pressure system and temperature simbles
an electric current passing between cloulds caused by a thunderstorm lightning
a spining funnel shaped clould part of a storm called a tornado
an ocean formed storm, the most powerful on earth, is a ________ hurrican
a vertical tube of spinning air msocyclon
a rating system for the strength of tornado fugita scal
_________________ ____________ fuels a hurrican tropical water

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