Blume Ch 12.1

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Animals are diverse, but they have basic___ in common. characteristics
Animal cells have a ___ and organelles. nucleus
Animals depend on other ___ things in the environmen for food. living
Animals ___ thier food. Digest
Most animals can ___. move
Animals can ___ sexually; some also can reproduce asexually. reproduce
___ from previous generations help individuals survive and reproduce. Adaptions
A basic adaption is obtaining ___ from food. energy
___ eat plants. Herbivores
___ eat other animals. Carnivores
Animals that eat both plants and animals ar ___. Omnivores
Detritivores such as beetles and millipedes eat ___ matter called detritus. decaying
___ adaptions help animals survive. Physical
Protective ___ such as shells or quills help protect animals from predators. coverings
Large ___ protects some animals. size
___ or camoflage help other animals blend into the environment or confuse predators. Mimicry
___ is an adaption for predators so they can sneak up on their prey. camoflage
___ adaptions can help animals survive. behavioral
Some animals use ___ or ink to discourage predators scent
___ allows some animals to outrun predators. Speed
Animals traveling in ___ can assist both predators and prey. groups
Animals are ___ based on similar characteristics. classified
___ have a backbone; ____ do not have a backbone. Vertavrates; invertabrates
___ is how an animal's body parts are arranged. Symetry
___ animals do not have a definite shape. Asymetry
Animals with ___ symetry have parts arranged in a circle around a center point. radial
Animals with___ symetry have mirrored body halves. bilateral

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