Chapter 15 Lesson 1

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Name three ways something can move then give an example? 1) straight – a baseball player running from home to 1st base 2) curve – a car turning 3) back and forth – a guitar string
What does curved motion take place around? a center point
What is back and forth motion known as? vibration
What do you call the change in one object's position compared with another object's position? relative motion
How can you tell things around you are moving? they change position
How can you tell you are moving? by passing a fixed object
What defines a person's frame of reference (point of view)? objects that don't seem to move
What is the rate at which an object changes position? speed
What is an example of a unit for speed? miles per hour
What combines both the speed and the direction an object is moving? velocity
What do you call any change in the speed or direction of an object's motion? acceleration
Give three examples of acceleration. starting, speeding up and slowing down
What happens as a roller coaster speeds up or goes around a curve even if its speed doesn't change? it accelerates

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