Chapter 5: Heredity

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Heredity Passing of traits from parent to offspring
Allele A different form a gene may have for a trait
Genetics The science of how traits are inherited through alleles passed from one generation to another
Dominant The form of a trait that appears to dominate or mask another form of the same trait
Reccessive The form of a trait that seems to disappear when a dominant trait is present
Punnett Square A tool that shows how genes can combine; used to predict the probability of types of offspring
Genotype The genetic makeup of an organism for a trait
Homozygous An organism that has identical alleles for a trait
Hetrozygous An organism that has two different alleles for a trait
Phenotype A physical trait that shows as a result of an organism's particular genotype
Incomplete Dominance The production of a phenotype in an offspring that is intermediate to the phenotypes of its two homozygous parents
Multiple Alleles Having more than two allele that control a trait
Polygenic Inheritance Occurs when groups of gene pairs act together to produce a specific trait
Sex-linked Gene An allele inherited on a chromosome
Pedigree A diagram that shows the occurrence of a trait in a family
Genetic Engineering Biological and chemical methods to change a cell's DNA sequence to produce desirable traits or eliminate undesirable traits
Genome A map of the location of individual genes on every chromosome of an individual

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