Chapters 17, 18, and 19 Test

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organisms change over time. conclusion by Darwin
evolution that focuses on changes in the gene pools of populations microevolution
evolution that focuses on changes that give rise to new species macroevolution
a change in the genetic characteristics of a population of organisms over time. evolution
differences in DNA sequences between the individuals in a population. Results of Mutation
Arise from mutation different alleles
new individuals contribute their alleles to the gene pool of a population gene flow
Chance events that affect the survival and reproduction of individuals in a population genetic drift
Three quarters of the flowers will be gray and one-quarter will be white. phenotype frequency of progeny of heterozygotes
is the principal cause of evolutionary change. variation acted on by natural selection
Evidence that support the hypothesis because dark-colored mice were attacked more in light environments and light-colored mice were attacked more in dark environments adaptation by natural selection
Natural selection acted on the genetic variability present in the organism’s genomes.; evolution
Adaptation by natural selection nonrandom selection
Evidence that a humans and chimpanzees share a recent common ancestor homologous structures
Number of individuals in a population with 200 alleles for each gene 100
The frequency of q when p= 0.8 0.2
Genotype frequency genotype/total genotypes
Rate of evolution of an organisms that reproduces slowly slow evolution
Effect of stable environmental conditions on evolution does not stimulate evolution
high mutation rate of HIV. stimulate rapid evolution leads drug resistance
appear without regard to environmental pressures mutations
makes the genetic composition of the two populations more similar. gene flow
Greater effect on small populations than on large populations genetic drift
Frequency of an allele = 1 allele fixation by genetic drift
Bottleneck effect type of genetic drift
loss of genetic variation
Stabilizing selection emliominatoin of extreme in a bell curve

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