Environmental Problems

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Term Definition
EPA Environmental Protection Agency
pollution Contamination of a habitat with substances which make it less favorable for organisms
habitat loss When an organism loses a large part of its natural home
DDT Long-Lasting insecticide which caused the decline of some animal species (dichlor-diphenyl-trichlorethane)
ground water water standing in or moving through the soil and underlying rock layers (the source of water in wells and springs)
run-off the part of precipitation which flows over the land without sinking into the soil
erosion the washing away of soil particles by water, wind, ice, or earth movements such as landslides
topsoil the uppermost portion of the soil, which is richer in organic material and lighter in texture than the material below
silt fine mineral particles in the soil
clearcutting the cutting of all the trees in an area in one operation
sewage untreated waste material from homes and industry
siltation fine sand, or the like, carried by moving or running water and deposited as a sediment in our lakes and streams

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