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What are the 4 possible effects of friction on object?, Heat, slow down, stop, and oppose motion
Why does a soccer ball slow down when it rolls Friction causes the soccer ball to slow down when it rolls.
Friction is _________ between rough surfaces than between smooth surface? Greater
The force of attraction between two objects is called: Gravity
Gravity causes falling objects to: Speed-up
What two things does the strengh of gravitational force depend on? The distance between two objects and mass.
Gravitational force is stronger when object are____________ each other. Attract
Gravitational force is stronger when object have _______ mass. More
Why does a person weigh more on Earth than on the moon? Earth as more mass than the moon.
What attracts objects to a magnet? Magnetic Force
Describe how a compass can help you find direction. A compass can help you find direction by the Magnetic forces in the air.
Part 4: Balance and Unbalanced Forces
What two forces act equally on an object but in opposite direction, the object ______ Doesn't move
When you add the total of all of the forces acting on an object, you get ______ Net Forces
The force of water pushing up on the an object is ________ Buoyant Force
When you go down a slide, what force is acting on you to make you move. Gravity
What force is acting to slow you down on a slide? Friction
When the force of gravity is equal to the fou in force of friction, what will happen? The object will stop moving.
What is the difference between balanced and unbalanced forces? Balance is forces that cancel each other out and unbalance forces that don't cancel each other.
What affects how an object moves? Net Force
What is the net force when the forces are balanced? The net force is zero.
What results when force are unbalanced? Motion
What force pushes up on you in water? Buoyant Force
A buoyant force act in the ______from weight Opposite direction
What is weight? Weight is the measure of gravity pulling down on you.
What will happen if the buoyant force is equal to or greater than the weight of the water you push aside? It will cause to float.
What will happen the buoyant force is less than the weight of water you push aside? It would cause the water to go down faster.
Part 5:Work and Simple Machine
What means using a force to move an object? Work means using a force to move an object.
If a force is applied and an objectth does not move, is work being done? No
What is anything that makes work easier? Sea-saw
What are two parts of a lever and what do they do? The lever has two parts: Lever arm and the fulcrum. Lever arm is what you hold. The Fulcrum is the balance point that supports the bar.
Give an example of the lever. See-saw
Give an example of an incline plane. Slide
What can a pulley help you witht? Lift a heavy item from the ground.
Give an example of a wheel-and -axle? Clock
What is made of two or more simple machine? Compound Machine
How do compound machine help make work easily? Compound machine uses less force.

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