grade 7 science unit 1

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what is matter? anything that takes up space and has mass
what is matter made up of? matter is made up of tiny, vibrating particles
what are the 5 main points of the particle theory? all matter is made up of tiny particles that:
have empty spaces between them
are always moving(vibrating)
move faster and spread farther apart when heated
particles attract each other
what is a mechanical mixture? a mixture with diffrent parts that you can see since the particles are divided unevenly
what is a solution? a mixture that looks like a single pure substance, but is a uniform mixture of 2 or more pure substances since the particles are divided evenly
what is a solute? the part of the solution that dissolves into a solvent
what is a solvent? the part of a solution into which the solute(s) dissolve
what is concentration? a solution with a large number of solute particles in a given volume of solution
what is solubility? is a measure of how much solute can dissolve into a certain solvent to form a saturated solution
what makes a substance pure? a pure substance has only one kind of particle
what does dissolve mean? to mix one type of matter into another type of matter to form a solution
what is the universal solvent? why is it known as the universal solvent? water becuase dissolves more solutes than any other solvent
what does dilute mean? a dilute solution is a solution with a small amount of solute particles
what is the formula for concentration? mass of solute(grams)/ 100mL of solution
what is the formula for solubility? maximum amount of solute dissolved/ 100mL of solvent
what is the sequence to figure out concentration or solubility? GRASS (given, required, analysis, solution, statement)

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