How earthquakes act

Question Answer
Earthquakes The shaking and vibrating of the earth and when sudden realeses of energy
Crust The earths most outer layer
Fault A break or crack in the earths surface
Mantle The layer of hot solid material between earths crust and core
Lithosphere A layer made up of the mantle and crust
Litospheric plates Part of the crust and upper layer of the mantle always moving
Seismologist A scientist who studies earthquakes and changes of the earth
P wave The wave that is fastest and straight
S wave The second wave and does a little more damage
Surface wave The third wave and does the most damage
Seismic wave A wave of energy sent from the focus of the earthquake
Focus The very middle of the hurricane underground
Epicenter The one above the focus point
Seismagraph A device that records the ground movements caused by seismic waves
Magnitude A measurement of earthquake strength
Ricter scale Measures the power of the earthquake
Mercalli scale Meaure the damadge that is done
Moment- magnitude scale Measures how much energy realesed
Liquefactoin When the soil turns loose and turn to mud
Aftershock After the earthquake the is a small one after
Tsunami When there is an earthquake in the water realeses a huge wave

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