Hurley – PNHS – Intro. to I.S. Vocab

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what state of matter has a definite shape and a definite volume? solid
water is an example of what state of matter? a liquid
what state of matter takes the shape and volume of its container? gas
what type of energy does a moving object have? kinetic energy
the smaller the area of impact is, the greater the _____ is produced? pressure
a temperature equal to 0 K on the Kelvin temperature scale absolute zero
a law that states that the volume of a gas is directly proportional to its temperature in kelvins if the pressure and the number of particles of the gas are constant charle's law
a law that can be expressed mathematically where p1 and v1 represents the pressure and volume of a gas before a change occurs and p2 and v2 represent the pressure and volume of a gas after a change occurs boyle's law
melting, freezing, and vaporization are all considered a _____? phase change
what change happens when a system absorbs energy from its surroundings? endothermic
what fusion varies from substance to substance? heat of fusion
what change happens when a system releases energy to its surroundings? exothermic
what is the endothermic process when a substance changes from a liquid into a gas? vaporization
the energy a substance must absorb in order to change from a liquid to a gas heat of vaporization
what process changes a substance's state at a temperature below the substance's boiling point? evaporation
what process is responsible for the morning dew on glass? condensation
what phase change is responsible for the formation of clouds? sublimation
when a gas or vapor changes directly into a solid without first changing to a liquid deposition

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