Owens-PNHS-States of Matter

Question Answer
What state of matter has a definite volume and shape? Solids, they have a definite shape and volume.
What state of matter has a definite volume but not a definite shape? Liquids, definite volume but not a definite shape.
What state of matter has neither a definite shape or volume? Gases, no definite shape or volume.
What is the energy and object has due to it's motion. Kinetic energy
What is pressure and what are factors that affect it? Pressure is force distributed over a certain area. Temperature, volume and number of particles all affect pressure.
What measurement is absolute zero?
Kelvin, absolute zero is zero degrees kelvin.
Who was Jacques Charles and what was his law? He was a french physicist and his law said that gas is proportional to its temperature in Kelvin if pressure and # of particles is constant.
Who was Robert Boyle and what did his law state? Robert Boyle was born in Ireland in 1627 and his law said that gas is inversely proportional if temperature and # of particles are constant.
How many phase changes are there and what is a phase change? A phase change a reversible physical change that occurs because of a change in state of matter and there are six common phase changes.
What phase change does the system absorb energy from its surroundings? Endothermic phase change
What type of energy absorbs energy as it melts? Heat of Fusion
What change releases energy to its surrounding? Exothermic phase change
What phase change changes a substance from a liquid to a gas? Vaporization
What is the energy when vaporization occurs? Heat of vaporization
Where does evaporation occur and at what temperature? It takes place at the surface of a liquid and occurs below boiling point.
Define vapor pressure Vapor pressure is caused by collisions of vapor and walls of the container it is in.
What is the phase change when a gas changes to a liquid? Condensation
What type of phase change is sublimation? Sublimation is the phase change when a substance changes from a solid to a gas,
Define deposition. Deposition is the phase change when a substance changes directly from a gas to a solid.

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