Plate Tectonics (Tabat)

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Where would you most likely find evidence of earthquakes throughout Earth's history? along fault lines
What idea does NOT provide evidence for continental drift? the oceanic plate theory
What did Wegener think the one large continent was called? Pangaea
What is the discovery that supports the idea of fossils of the same age and from the same species found on two different continents? continental drift theory
Where has evidence for sea-floor spreading come from? magnetic minerals on the ocean floor
Where does sea-floor spreading take place? mid-ocean ridges
What is a boundary? the area where two tectonic plates meet
What is a convergent boundary? a boundary that is formed when plates collide
What is a divergent boundary? a boundary that is formed when plates separate
What is a transform boundary? a boundary that is formed when plates slide past each other
What have magnetic reversals helped to support? sea-floor spreading
What do plate tectonics support? the vast majority of earthquakes and volcanic activity in the world occurs along plate boundaries
What will landmasses splitting apart most likely cause? a greater diversity in animal populations
If elephants are native to Africa and Asia, what would best explain why elephants are not native to India? India broke away from Africa 20 million years ago
What idea supports continental drift? fossilized remains of the same plants and animals are found on different continents
What type of rock is most closely associated with volcanic activity, plate tectonics & sea-floor spreading? igneous rock
Why was Wegener's Continental Drift Theory not widely accepted by scientists of his time? He couldn't explain how the continents could move horizontally. He was also a meteorologist, not a geologist.
How are magnetic stripes on the ocean floor formed? Magma wells up at mid-ocean ridges; magma cools; minerals in the igneous rock line up with the magnetic poles creating a striped symmetrical pattern
Why are magnetic stripes on the ocean floor significant? it provides support for theory of sea floor spreading

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