pure substances and mixtures

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what are the three states of matter solid,liquid,gas,(plasma)
what is matter matter is anything that takes up space and has mass and volume
define a solid a solid has a definite shape and a definite volume
define a liquid a liquid has a definite volume,but does not have a definite shape
define a gas a gas does not have a definite volume or a definite shape.instead a gas takes the shape,and volume of it's container
whats a pure substance matter that contains only one kind of particle
what is a mixture matter that contains two or more pure substances mixed together
what are some examples of a pure substance aluminum foil,table sugar,distilled water
what are some examples of mixtures water,fat,protien
what is the difference between a mechanical mixture and a solution a mechanical mixture is a mixture with different parts you can see versus a solution is a mixture that looks like a single pure substance but isn't
do you know why you cannot see the different parts of a solution you cannot see the different parts of a solution because the particles are mixed evenly
what are solutions and what are they made of a solution is a mix of two or more kinds of of particles
what is a solute a solute is the smaller part of a solution,the part of a solution that dissolves
what is a solvent the larger part of a solution, the part of the solution in which the solute dissolves into
what is the universal solvent the universal solvent is water
why is water the universal solvent it is often called the universal solvent because it can dissolve more substan.ces than any other solvent
what is soluble a solute that is able to dissolve into a certain solvent. When solute particles are attracted to the solvent particles, the soluble E.G. sugar is soluble in water
what is insoluble a solute that is not able to dissolve into a certain solvent.when solute particles are not attracted to the solvent,the solute is insoluble.E.G.sugar is insoluble in vegetable oil
what is a concentrated solution a solution with a large number of solute particles in a given volume of solution
what is a dilute solution a solution with a small number of solute particles given in a volume of solution
to make products we mix new materials together in combinations that may require… heating,freezing,stirring,melting,dissolving
we can ________ and____________most types of matter we can see and feel most types of matter
define mass mass usually refers the amount of stuff in a substance
define volume volume indicates the amount of space a substance occupies
what are the five themes of the particle theory 1.all matter is made of particles
2.particles have empty spaces between them
3.even though you cannot see them, particles are moving randomly all the time
4.particles move faster and spread apart when heated
define dissolving to mix one type of matter into another type of matter to form a solution

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