scarpino-pnhs-physical properties I.S. vocab

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What is a phyiscal property? A physical property is any characteristic of a materialthat can be observed or measured without changing the compositions of substances in the material.
What is viscosity? Viscosity is the tendency of a liquid to keep from flowing. Or it's resistance of flowing.
What is malleability? Malleability is the ability of a solid to be hammered without shattering.
What is melting point? Melting Point is the tempurature at which a material changes from a solid to a liquid.
What is boiling point? Boiling Point is the tempurature at which a material changes from a liquid to a gas.
What is filtration? Filtration is a process that separates materials based on the size of their paricles.
What is disillation? Disillation is a process that separates the substances in a solution based on their boiling points.
What is a physical change? A physical change occurs when some of the properties of a material change, but the substances in the material remain the same.
What is conductivity? Conductivity is the ability a material can pass or flow heat.

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