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The flow of energy from one material to another;also called thermal energy. heat
A force between two surfaces rubbing against each other;waorks againest motion (example: rubbing your hands together). friction
a material that does not allow heat energy electricity to pass thorough it easily,blocks the transfer of heat or electricity (examples of heat insulators: wood,plastic cloth) insulators
a material that allows heat energy or electricity to pass through it easliy(examples iron,copper,and othermetals) conductor
the movement or tranfer of heat between solids that touch each other (example:ice cube in your hand melts from the heat of the hand,your hand becomes cooler from the ice cube) convetion
the movement of heat energy through liguids and gasses in currents conduction
the movement of energy through space as waves (example:sun,fire) radidation
to move one thing ( person or place) to another transfer

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