Science Chapter 14

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Loudness and pitch are important to determining sound quality.
Sound wave that is produced by a vibrating object that travels through matter.
The shorter the object the higher the pitch.
The longer the object the lower the pitch.
Disturbances are back and forth motions that travel in the same direction as the medium.
Our body's sound making instrutment is our voice box (larynx).
Larynx is the voice box.
The middle ear consists of a hammer, anvil and stirrup are the eardrum.
Sound waves vibrate particles. sound waves vibrate particles.
Kinectic energy is transferred as particles are moved by compression. (particles are moving)
Robert Boyle,a british scientist, used a clock to show that sound must have a medium.
The closer the molecules are the faster sound travels.
As temperatures increases sound travels faster.
Pitch is the highness or lowness of a sound.
Objects vibrating very fast produce high-pitched sounds.
Objects vibrating very slowly produce a lower-pitched sounds.
Cycle one complete wave.
People hear in a range of 20 to 20,000HZ.
Ground waves are used by elephants to communicate up to 20 miles away.
Ultrasounds are waves above 20.000Hz.
Resonance is the the strengthing of a sound wave.
The combination of waves produces sound quality known as TIMBRE
Oscilloscope is a scientific instrument that tracks a electrical signal.
Christian Doppler (Austrian scientist) wrote a paper about how pitch changes when the sound source moves towards or away from a person.
If frequency increases the pitch increases.
What makes a sound louder? The amount of energy a wave has determines how soft or loud sound is.
Decibel the unit used to measure intensity
Amplification the increased strength of an electrical signal.
Acoustics the scientific study of sound.
Echoes reflected sound waves
Echoes of ultrasound waves are used to find food, detect underwater objects,etc
Echolocation 200 squeaks/second
Sonar sound navigation and ranging
Sonar is used my the military to combat the enemy
Doppler ultrasound is a technology that detects fluid movement through the body.
3 main musical instruments stringed, wind and percussion
Tech toys to record sound telephones, phonographs and CD players

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