science quiz c8s1&2

Question Answer
Binomial nomenclature a 2 word naming system that is used to name various organisms
what does binomial mean identifies the genus of an organism
what does nomenclature mean describes a feature
genus a group of similar species
name the 4 uses of scientific names 1.the avoid mistakes organisms with similar evolutionary history can be classified
3.allow information about organisms to be organized easily give descriptive and specific information about the organism
phylogeny the evolutionary history of an organism
kingdom the largest broader group of the classification system
what are the names of the 7 classification groups 1.kingdom
dichotomous key a detailed list identifying characteristics that includes scientific names
organism any living thing
they vary in size
cell the smallest unit of an organism that carries on the functions of life
what are the features of all living things and how many are there there are 7
1.made of cells
2.use energy
3.respond to stimuli
5.grow and develop
6. adapt
7.have dna

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