Section 1: Electric Charge and Static Electricity

Question Answer
What is the law of electric charges? The law that states that like charges repel, or push away, and opposites attract.
What is electric force? The force of attraction or repulsion on a charged particle that is due to an electric field.
What is an electric field? The space around a charged object in which another charged object experiences an electric force.
What is a an electrical conductor? A material in which charges can move freely.
What is an electrical insulator? A material in which cannot move freely.
What is static electricity? Electric charge at rest; generally produced by friction or induction.
What is electric discharge? The release of electricity stored in a source.
The size of the electric force between two objects depends on _____________ and __________________. The size of the charges exerting the force and the distance between the objects.
Objects may become charged by ___________, ___________, or ______________. friction, conduction, or induction.
What are the two types of charged particles in atoms? protons (+) and electrons (-)
What can you do with an electroscope? To detect whether an object is charged.

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