Section 4: Electric Circuits

Question Answer
What is a series circuit? A circuit in which parts are joined one after another such that the current in each part is the same.
What is a parallel circuit? A circuit in which the parts are joined in branches such that the potential difference across each part is the same.
What are the 3 parts of an electric circuit? an energy source, wires, and a load
What are the 2 types of electric circuits? series circuits and parallel circuits
The ______________ can be a battery, a photocell, a thermocouple, or an electric generator at a power plant. energy source
___________ connect the other parts of a circuit. They are made of conducting materials that have low resistance, such as copper. Wires
Examples of ___________ are light bulbs, appliances, televisions, and motors. Loads
What are two safety devices used in circuits? fuses and circuit breakers

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