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biodiversity Number of different species in and area:has area, climate, and diversity of niches for affects
keystone species influences the survival of many other species
genes the structures in an organisms cell that carry away hereditary information
extinction disappearance from Earth of all members of a species
endangered species species in danger of becoming extinct in the future
threatened species species becoming endangered in near futures (earthquakes)
habitat fragmentation breaking larger habitats into smaller,isolated pieces
poaching illegal killing or removal of wildlife species
captive breeding mating of animals in zoos, or wildlife preserves
What factors affect in an areas biodiversity? Factors that affect an areas biodiversity is climate, and diversity of niches
Witch human activities threaten biodiversity? Some human activities that threaten biodiversity is destruction, poaching,pollution,and introduction of exotic species
How can biodiversity be protected? It can be protected by combine scientific and legal approaches
What three factors affect biodiversity of an ecosystem? Three factors is by climate, area, and diversity of niches
What is one reason coral reefs are such diverse ecosystems? One reason is by the niches for organisms
How does having a diverse gene pool help species survive? Gene pools help by avoiding diseases, parasites, and surviving disturbance
Name and describe three ways to protect the worlds biodiversity Three way to protect is legal approaches, combine scientific, and captive breeding

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