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Term Definition
acid a substance that taste sour, reacts with metals and carbonates, and turns blue litmus paper red
base a substance that is bitter, feels slippery, and turns red litmus paper blue
ph scale the scale that measures how acidic or basic a substance is (1-2 meaning very acidid, 5-7 meaning neutral, 13-14 meaning very basic)
subscript the number in a chemical equation that tells how many atoms in a molecule or the ratio of elements in a compound
coefficient number in a chemical formula that tells how many molecules or atoms each reactant or product are involved in a reaction
endothermic when energy is taken in
exothermic when energy is given off
ion an atom or group of atoms that has become eletrically charged
polar an unequall share of electrons in a covalent bond
non-polar and equal share of electrons in a polar bond
ductile a metal being able to be pulled out in to a wire
malleable a metal being a able to be made into a sheet
electrons/protons/neutrons negatively charged particles in an atom, positively charged electrons in an atom, and neutrally charged particles in the necleus of an atom
synthesis reaction when elements combine to for a more complex element
decomposition reaction a chemical reaction in which compounds break down to form a simpler substance
single replacement reaction a reaction where one element replaces another element in a compound

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