Unit 1, lesson 3 and Old text Unit E, Chapter 1

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solubility measures the amount of one material that will dissolve in another material
matter term for anything that takes up space and has mass
mass the amount of matter something contains
volume amount of space that matter takes up
solid matter that has a definite shape and a definite volume
liquid matter that has a definite volume and takes the shape of its container
gas matter that has no definite shape and takes up no definite amount of space
solution a mixture in which one or more kinds of matter are mixed evenly in another kind of matter
dissolves what happens when one material forms a solution with another material
buoyancy ability of matter to float in a liquid or gas
density compares an amount of matter to the amount of space it takes up
chemical change a change that produces new matter with different properties from the original matter
physical change a change that begins and ends with the same type of matter
change of state a change of matter from one state-solid,liquid,or gas- to another
evaporation when a liquid changes into a gas without boiling
rust a solid brown material formed when iron combines chemically with oxygen
tarnish a discoloration of metal by exposure to air
Matter is made of small bits called __________. particles
Submarines can sink or float by controlling their _______________. buoyancy
Matter that is _____ ________ than water will float on water. less dense
Adding heat makes particles in matter move _________. faster
A liquid measuring cup measures the _________ of a liquid. volume
A helium balloon is an example of an object that has a ____ in it that has no definite shape or volume. gas
Water in a glass is an example of a _______ that has a definite volume but not a definite shape. liquid
A rock is an example of a ______ that has a definite shape and takes up a definite amount of space. solid
A change of color is a sign of a ________ change. chemical
The three basic states of matter are _____, ______, and ____. solid, liquid, and gas
You can measure mass by using a ____ _______. pan balance
Mass is measured in units called _____ or _________. grams or kilograms
If a white golf ball is heavier than a large foam ball, the golf ball has _____ matter taking up the _______ space and has a _______ density. more
A solid object denser than water ______ in water. sinks
A solid object less dense than water ______ in water. floats
Ice is ____ dense than liquid water so it floats. less
A physical change is a change in the ______, _______, or ___________________. shape, size, or state of a substance
After a __________ change, certain __________ of the matter change. However, the matter is still the same substance. physical
A ________ change, also known as ________ reaction, begins with one kind of matter and ends with another. chemical
All chemical reactions either give off ______ or use ______. energy
Changes in color or smell are chemical changes
________ is a change of state from a solid to a liquid. Melting
________ is a rapid change of state from liquid to a gas. Boiling
___________ is the change of a liquid to a gas without boiling. Evaporation
When you take away energy from a substance, its particles more _____ ________. more slowly
The substance cools and its particles move ______ _________. This is how a gas changes into a liquid, or _________.
If enough energy is taken away, a liquid _______ into a _______.
closer together
freezes into a solid
_____ is water that changed state from a gas to a liquid. Dew
When we cook food, we change the _____, _____, and _______ of food. color, taste, and texture
Cooking and baking cause ________ changes in food. chemical
Gas bubbles are a sign of a _______ change. chemical
melting ice is a ________ change physical
rusting is a ________ change chemical
tarnished silver is a _______ change chemical
boiling water is a ________ change physical
frying a hamburger is a ________ change chemical
cutting a piece of wood is a ________ change physical
burning a piece of wood is a ________ change chemical
grinding wheat into flour is a ________ change physical
grinding sugar crystals into powder is a ________ change physical
Cutting paper into small pieces is a _______ change physical
baking bread in the oven is a ________ change chemical
lighting a match is a ________ change chemical
Be able to explain how the three states of matter are different Solid-
Solid- Has a definite shape
Takes up a definite amount of space
Particles move back and forth around a point
Liquid- Takes the shape of its container
Takes up a definite amount of space
Particles slip and slide past each other
Gas- No definite shape
No definite volume
Particles move freely and rapidly in all directions

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