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What is matter? Anything that takes up space and has mass.
What are properties of matter? They describe the characteristics of matter.
What are some properties you can use to describe matter? colour, odour,taste, feel, density, boiling point, freezing point, state
What are some properties of water? colourless, tasteless, can be a solid, liquid or gas, boils at 100 degrees and freexes at 0degrees.
Homogeneous matter 1 set of properties – it looks the same throughout.
Heterogeneous matter more than one set of properties – you can see the different parts in it.
pure substance All of the particles look the same. It cannot be separated into different substances.
Mechanical Mixture Same as heterogeneous matter. You can see the different parts that were added together.
Homogeneous Mixture A mixture that has only 1 set of properties. It all looks like one thing. The same as a solution.
Solution A homogeneous mixture. It's mixted together so well you can only see one set of properties.
What are the two parts of any solution? Solute and Solvent
Solute gets dissolved to form a solution – the part with the least amount
Solvent does the dissolving the form a solution – the part in the greater amount.
dissolving making a solution by mixing two or more substances.
What determines if something will dissolve? The attraction between the solute and solvent particles.
Concentration The amount of solute dissolved in the solvent – measured in grams per litre g/L
Concentrated Lots of solute dissolved in the solvent.
Dilute Relatively little solute dissolved in the solvent.
Dilute foods maple sap, nectar, watered down kool-aid
Concentrated foods maple syrup, honey, frozen orange juice
Unsaturated solution more solute can dissolve because there are free solvent particles
Saturated no more solute will dissolve at the same temperature because all of the solvent particles are full
Hydrometer Measures the concentration of solutions.
How does a hydrometer work? It floats higher in concentrated solutions and lower in dilute solutions.
Is the Dead Sea concentrated or dilute? So concentrated that you can't sink.
What four things can affect the rate of dissolving? Stirring, Crushing, Temperature and Pressure
4 grams of sugar dissolved in 100ml of water has what concentration in g/L? 40g/L
10 grams of sugar dissolved in 500ml of water has what concentration in g/L? 20g/L
25 grams of sugar dissolved in 250ml of water has what concentration in g/L? 100g/L
What can a solubility graph help you figure out? How many grams of solute will dissolve in a certain amount of solvent.
Will a hydrometer float high or low in a dilute solution? low
What are the three states of matter? Solid, liquid and gas
Why won't a rock dissolve in water? Because its particles are not attracted to the water particles.
Soluble means it will dissolve
Insoluble means it won't disslove

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