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Starts as a plunging wave but the wave ends up catching up to the top of the wave and rolling into the beach at different levels. Surging Breaker
When the top of the wave curls over the bottom causing a tunnel like wave wave until it finally breaks. Plunging Breaker
These are waves that break slowly as they go to the shore. Spilling breakers
Caused by very low amounts of wind and are seen in calm conditions like ponds and creeks and lakes. Ripples
Rounded wave that occurs in open water. Swell
A long high sea wave cause by an earthquake or other disturbance. Tsunami
One tectonic plate sliding beneath another deeper into the Earth's Mantle. Subduction
What kind of waves are Sound Waves? Longitudinal
What is "loudness" measured in? Decibles
Pitch depends on… Frequency
Note produced from a single frequency. Pure sound
What is the speed of sound measured in? Meters per Second (M/S)
How much is one M/S? 1/1000
The speed at which waves pass a certain point. Wave speed
A wave in which the medium vibrates in a direction parallel (longitudinal) with the direction in which waves travel. Longitudinal
A Wave in which the medium vibrates paralel in a direction perpendicular with the direction in which waves travel. Transverse
Re-echoed Sound. Reverberation
Determining the location of some thing by measuring the time it takes an echo to return from that thing Echolocation
An object detection system that uses radio waves Radar
SO.und N.avigation A.nd R.anging Sonar
A device that generates an intense beam of coherent monochromatic light by stimulated emission of photons from excited atoms or molecules. Laser
Electromagnetic waves grouping are called the… Electromagnetic Spectrum
Electromagnetic waves travel at what speed in a vacuum? The speed of light: 300,000,000 m/s
Describes the number of waves that pass a fixed place in a given amount of time. Frequency
The maximum distance that a particle moves away from the center line of a wave. Amplitude
Making the sound louder with the help of another object. To amplify
These transfer energy from one place to another. Waves
The parts of the spring in which the coils are closer together are called… Compressions
Parts of the spring between Compressions where the spring is stretched out are called… Rarefactions
Waves in which material is disturbed. Mechanical waves.
The top hump in a wave is called the… Crest
The bottom of a dip is called a… trough
The distance between the peak of two crests is called the… Wavelength
The place where vibrations come from in a earthquake is called the… Focus
Point on the earths surface directly above the focus. Epicenter
Shock waves spreading out from the focus are called… Seismic waves
Seismic Waves that pass through deep layers of the earth are called… Body waves.
Seismic Waves traveling through the surface layers of the earth are called… Surface waves.
Change in voltage caused by sound waves can be displayed on a… Oscilloscope.
Time taken for complete oscillation, or for a wave to complete it's "cycle" is called the… Period of Oscillation
Disturbances of electric and magnetic fields. Electromagnetic Waves
Electromagnetic waves with wavelengths over 1 mm or so are called… Radio Waves
Short wavelength radio waves are known as… Microwaves
Electromagnetic waves with the shortest wavelengths and the highest frequencies are called… Gama Rays

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